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and welcome to Taratoga

I'm busy with 3D Animation and Video Postproduction since almost 15 years. Now the time has come to do my first machinimated film. Taratoga proudly presents Tango Elektrico Episode I: The Butcher. I hope you enjoy.

Tango Elektrico is a story, told in several episodes. The action takes place in the red-light district of Buenos Aires and the main character is a dog called Buster. If you like to read more about the story, visite my gallery where you also can find some of the latest snapshots.

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Thank you ...

Thanks to the gamestudio community and especially to "Grimber" and "Locoweed" for there exellent free tutorials. As a result I was able to get into the stuff of game programming in nearly no time. Thank you "Triple X" for your superb plugin BigDll.

Looking for ...

I create a new software called HiMaps (Hilliwood Machinina Production Systems). HiMaps gives you a platform to do your own machinima project very easily. Therefore I'm looking for interested people, able to try out and test. Please for further information.

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